Major/Minor Information Sessions

Current OSU students interested in learning more about and/or declaring a Neuroscience Major or Minor must first schedule an appointment for an information session. During this session you will learn about the requirements for the Neuroscience Major or Minor as well as opportunities and programming available for students in neuroscience. Those who wish to declare the major or those needing additional information may then be scheduled to meet with an advisor. Incoming freshmen and transfer students should contact the admissions office to update their intended degree plan.

Prior to attending a major or minor overview session or scheduling an appointment, please review the neuroscience curriculum. The neuroscience major requires the following to be completed within three terms after you declare the Pre-Major during the above group session:

  1. Complete 24 semester credit hours, 12 of which must be OSU graded semester credits
  2. Earn an overall GPA greater than or equal to 3.0
  3. Earn at least a “B” or higher in Psych 3313 (Introduction to Behavioral Neuroscience) and Neuro 3000 (Introduction to Neuroscience)

To schedule an information session for the neuroscience major or minor, please fill out the appointment request form