Jan Schwab MD PhD

Jan Schwab MD PhD

Jan Schwab MD PhD



(614) 685-9278

Biomedical Research Tower
460 W 12th Ave

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Areas of Expertise

  • Stress and Neuroimmunology
  • Neurotrauma, Neurological Disorders, and Gene Therapies


  • MD: Eberhard-Karls-University Tubingen, Germany
  • PhD: Max-Planck Graduate Research School Tubingen, Germany
  • Postdoctoral Fellowship: Developmental Neurobiology, Dr. Alain Ch├ędotal, CNRS Paris, France
  • Postdoctoral Fellowship: Basic Immunology, Dr. Charles Serhan, Harvard Medical School

My research aims to better understand and treat the maladaptive immune response after spinal cord injury. This is composed of i) the systemic spinal cord injury-induced immune deficiency syndrome (SCI-IDS) and ii) the developing post-traumatic autoimmunity. Both maladaptive neuro-immunological syndromes are associated with inferior repair and a target to improve neurological recovery.

Research Areas

  • Protection of the intrinsic recovery potential after spinal cord injury
  • Resolution of inflammation in the lesioned CNS
  • Control of the CNS on the immune system
  • Improving the predictive value of animal models for clinical translation

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