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Elizabeth Kirby

Liz Kirby, PhD

Elizabeth Kirby

Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology


055 Psychology Building
1835 Neil Ave
Columbus, OH 43210

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Areas of Expertise

  • Behavioral Neuroscience
  • Neural Stem Cells


  • Postdoctoral Training: Stanford University, Dr. Tony Wyss-Coray
  • PhD: University of California Berkeley

Dr. Kirby's Lab Website

Current Research Description

The hippocampus, a key brain area for memory function, is highly vulnerable to damage from a wide variety of injurious stimuli. The Kirby lab focuses on the role of hippocampal neural stem and progenitor cells (NSPCs) in modulating the hippocampal response to injury. We are especially interested in how the secretome of NSPCs can help define plastic versus pathological responses in the adult hippocampus. We explore these topics in brain injury using a combination of transgenic rodent models, molecular/cellular biology, tissue culture of neural stem cells and behavioral assays.

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