Poster Printing

Poster printing is available for neuroscience MAJORS only!

Upload your poster as a PDF only. The file MUST be pre-formatted to be either 36 x 42 or 36 x 48 inches (HxW). If you do not format your poster correctly, you may be charged a fee to re-print it.

Guidelines for adjusting PowerPoint slide sizes are available here. Please note that posters created on Apple computers often do not print out correctly so it is strongly recommended that students use a PC when designing their posters.

Posters must be submitted to the office for printing at least 72 hours in advance.  You will receive an email when your poster is printed and available for pick-up in the advising office.

Printing Information
Is this for a course or conference?
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Poster printing is for neuroscience MAJORS only.
Upload your poster as a PDF only. File must be formatted to 36 x 42 or 36 x 48 inches.
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