Neuroscience Advising Office


The Neuroscience Undergraduate Advising Office is dedicated to helping students navigate and complete the undergraduate program by matching students' personal strengths and interests with pathways within the neuroscience curriculum and the university as a whole. We also help students explore career options, apply to graduate and medical school, discover research opportunities, and facilitate relationships with faculty and the department.

Students can meet with a Neuroscience Academic Advisor two different ways:

Drop-In Hours Via Zoom
Mondays and Fridays
9am to 11am
Just Click This Link:
Zoom Passcode: Neuro 


Scheduled Appointment: Phone or Zoom
To schedule an appointment with a neuroscience major advisor, please contact us by calling 614-292-8512 or via the web by clicking the "Schedule Appointment" button below. 

Interested in Declaring a Pre-Major, Major, or Minor in Neuroscience?
Students interested in declaring a Pre-Major, Major or Minor in neuroscience should click the following link: Declare Pre-Major, Major, or Minor

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If you are leaving a message by phone, please leave your First and Last Name, your e-mail address, a phone number, and a few different days and times when you are available for an appointment.

All messages are answered within 24 hours after receiving them (excluding weekends). Students needing a brief appointment are encouraged to attend Drop-In Hours.

Advising Staff

Charlie Campbell, PhD
Director – Curriculum & Student Services
Honors & Academic Advisor

Lauren Strand, PhD
Academic Advisor

Anthony Rivello, M.Ed
Academic Advisor


Internship Staff

Medical Internship Webpage

NCH (Nationwide Children's Hospital) Managers

Opthamology and Neurology Managers

  • Alex Annette
  • Maddie Hathoot

Ambassador Staff

  • Jack Xiao
  • Megan Halloran
  • Matt Frownfelter | Ambassador Webpage

Neuroscience Advising Office Services

  • Neuro First Year Program
  • Career development in neuroscience and related fields
  • Internship and research opportunities in neuroscience
  • Medical school preparation
  • Graduate school preparation
  • Neuroscience degree planning
  • Evaluating neuroscience transfer credit
  • Nu Rho Psi National Honor Society in Neuroscience
  • Neuroscience Major/Minor Declaration Sessions

Commonly Used Forms

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