Neuroscience Advising Office


The Neuroscience Undergraduate Advising Office is dedicated to helping students navigate and complete the undergraduate program by matching students' personal strengths and interests with pathways within the neuroscience curriculum and the university as a whole. Our advising services include: career development in neuroscience and related fields, internship and research opportunity discoveries, graduate school preparation, neuroscience degree planning, evaluating transfer credit, and neuroscience major/minor declaration sessions.

Summer Options for Meeting with an Advisor

Neuroscience Advising Drop-Ins Hours
(( May 4th thru August 12th ))

Tuesdays and Thursdays
Drop-Ins Zoom Link:
Zoom Passcode: Neuro 

Drop-in hours are quick meetings with an advisor lasting 5-10 minutes or less. Appropriate uses for walk-ins are but are not limited to: general questions about the major, neuroscience classes, honors contract or other forms signatures. You will be placed into a zoom waiting room until an advisor is available to meet with you. Specific advisors cannot be met with on request. Click the zoom link above.


Scheduled Appointment: Phone or Zoom
A scheduled appointment will allow you a half hour or hour time-slot with your advisor to discuss things that cannot be taken care of at drop-ins such as graduation plans, degree planning, and mock interviews. Appointments should be made online by clicking the button below.

schedule appointment



*If scheduling via the link above is unavailable, please call 614-292-8512 to schedule an appointment. If taken to voicemail, leave your first name, last name, email address, your phone number, and a few days and times when you are available.


If you have any question or need help deciding which option is best for you, please give and email with your questions.


Red Line



Advising Staff

Charlie Campbell, PhD
Director – Curriculum & Student Services
Honors & Academic Advisor

Lauren Strand, PhD
Academic Advisor

Anthony Rivello, M.Ed
Academic Advisor


Ambassador Staff

The Neuroscience Ambassadors are comprised of core leadership and the heads of each branch of neuroscience.

Core Leadership

The Core Ambassador Leadership directs general Neuroscience Ambassador activities as well as directing events to connect with the Neuroscience community and hosting Open Houses for new students.

Matt FrownfelterMeg HalloranJack Xiao



I-CAN is the high school outreach section of Ambassadors. The leadership directs the planning of visiting high schools and educational activities related to the Neuro Program during these high school visits.

Vivek GandhiSiena Robertson


Course Assistant

The Course Assistant Leadership coordinates activities between Neuroscience classes and students who are willing to help in those classes through things like proctoring or grading.

Sofia Baena


Curriculum Enhancement

Curriculum Enhancement leadership helps to plan events such as socials, volunteering, and STEM outreach excursions to help create a living and learning community.

Eshwar Madishetti


Internship Staff

The Medical Internship leadership seeks to help aspiring pre-health students find internships in which they can gain experience and learn for a future career.

Tyler Balon | Ambassador Webpage

Commonly Used Forms

Find additional useful forms here.