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Application for Neuroscience Major Credit for Research

If you are receiving Neurosc 4998 course credit for your work in an OSU professor's laboratory, your credit is automatically approved to count toward the Breadth Requirements for the major (see advising sheet for limitations).   If you are receiving a different department's 4998 course credit for your work in an OSU professor's laboratory, and you believe that your work in the lab is directly related to the field of Neuroscience, then complete the application below after you have spoken with a Neuroscience Academic Advisor.  The Undergraduate Studies Committee will review your application and notify you of their decision via email. This process can take up to two weeks.

*To use this form you will need to first meet with your Neuroscience Academic Advisor to obtain permissions to complete this from. 

**Most students will not need to complete this form. 

***Keep in mind that any submissions without permission from a Neuroscience Academic Advisor will not be responded to.

Registration for the course is completed separately via a course enrollment form [pdf] which should be signed by your professor and returned to the Neuroscience Undergraduate Advising Office.

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