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Neuroscience Minor Overview

Neuroscience is a scientific discipline that investigates the organization, development, and function of the nervous system, and its relationship to behavior, cognition, and neurological or neuropsychiatric disorders. The minor consists of 5 classes (15 minimum credit hours) designed to give students a strong foundational and broad exposure to the neuroscience area.  Students must complete two Core Requirement courses and the remaining three courses are taken from the courses listed in the Elective Requirement section.  This course work should be chosen in consultation with a neuroscience academic advisor.

The Neuroscience Minor can be found here.

Declare a Neuroscience Minor

Current OSU students interested in learning more about and/or declaring a Neuroscience Minor must first schedule an appointment for an information session. During this session you will learn about the requirements for the Neuroscience Minor as well as opportunities and programming available for students in neuroscience.

To schedule an information session for the Neuroscience Minor, please fill out the appointment request form.