1. What kind of topics are appropriate for an appointment with my Advisor?  
  • Pre-Professional planning/ review of activities 
  • Interview prep 
  • Academic concerns
  • MCAT/ examination prep
  1. How should I prepare for my appointment? 
  • Have a list of questions 
  • Arrive on time or early (If you are going to be late, please contact the Advising Office as soon as possible) 
  • Have a general idea of your Educational and/or Pre-Professional plans  
  1. What happens if I miss my appointment? 
  • You will need to request a new appointment online through the web submission. If you miss more than 3 consecutive appointments, you will be limited to Drop-In Hours  
  1. Where can I request an appointment?  
  1. Why is my appointment booked far out?  
  • To ensure a quicker appointment, please provide your maximum availability on a weekly basis. Advisors see multiple students each day along with classwork, etc. Providing more availability creates a streamline process to get more students into the office for assistance.
  1. What kind of topics are appropriate for Drop-In Hours? 
  •  (5-10 minute discussions) 
  • Reviewing what courses to take next semester 
  • How to apply for research 
  • Adding/ Dropping a minor 
  • Adding a specialization  
  • Information on research thesis 
  • Information for graduation requirements
  1. Will I see my assigned Advisor during Drop-In Hours? 
  • Drop-In Hours are provided by the office to see as many students as we can during the two-hour period. This means you will be paired with the Advisor that is available when you arrive. Feel free to make an appointment if you wish to see your assigned Advisor. 
  1. Will my research be counted as course credit or added to the Neuro Major? 
  • If you believe your Research is directly related to Neuroscience, pending the Neuroscience Research Committee approval, three credit hours of your 4998 course will counted as 1 Breadth Course requirement within the major.  
  1. If I am in a Neuroscience Research Lab, can my Neuroscience Faculty PI automatically fill out a Course Enrollment Form for credit?  
  • Yes! If your PI is a Neuroscience Faculty Member, they will assist you in completing a Course Enrollment Form using their 4998 class number (unique number each semester). You will gain three credit hours you may use toward the Breadth requirement.  
  1. What if my research is not related to Neuroscience?  
  • Your PI may still fill out a course enrollment form for their department. This will allow your research to count as course credit that will be shown on your transcript. It will not be counted toward the Breadth requirement for the major.  
  1. If my PI is outside of the Neuroscience Faculty, how can I know if my research will count toward the breadth?
  • If your PI is outside of the Neuroscience Faculty, you will fill out the application to have your research approved.