Those who have served in the Core for at least a year and wish to pursue a more specialized interest can become an I-CAN Ambassador. The I-CAN (I Can Do Science) Program through the Neuroscience Ambassadors at Ohio State prioritizes the encouragement and motivation of high school students to partake in STEM fields, including the new and constantly evolving field of neuroscience, within the Midwest Region.

Our Ambassadors have the privilege to make a difference in the career paths of thousands of young, talented students by demonstrating neuroscience topics through interactive activities. By participating, Ambassadors will have the ability to influence younger students to take part in the study of Neuroscience when they matriculate.

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Teacher Feedback



Jonathan Kent, Dublin Coffman High School

"Each learning station is highly interactive and manned by knowledgable undergraduates with obvious enthusiasm for what they're sharing.  Learning about current experimentation in neuroscience from the students involved in those projects or donning vision-skewing goggles that illustrate neuroplasticity was fascinating and made our past learning more meaningful, but being able to see and even hold a human brain brings a realness to learning about localization or neuroanatomy that goes beyond any experience I've been able to give my students on my own."



Tammy Sensibaugh, Olentangy Orange High School

"45 minutes of students being fully engaged in the presentation. My students love it!"


Meet the I-CAN team

Maddy Feeley

Caitlin Hatten

Rana Hegazi

Alex Hill

Laura Janakiefski

Ishan Rola

Sonya Sasmal

Connor Wagner