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Sample 4-Year Plan for Pre-Dentistry Majors (LEGACY GE AND LEGACY MAJOR ONLY)

Neuroscience is an excellent major for pre-dentistry students. Below is an example of a 4-year plan for a pre-dentistry neuroscience major based on requirements for admission to the OSU College of Dentistry. It is in your best interest to research the requirements at several schools to which you are considering applying to ensure that you complete all of the necessary pre-requisite coursework. Note that the plan is for students who hope to enroll in dental school immediately after graduating from OSU and, therefore, must take the DAT by the end of their junior year. Students who intend to take a gap year can spread out their pre-dentistry courses.

Please speak with an advisor to ensure that all of your general education (GE) requirements are met and that any AP or transfer credits apply. Details on the Bachelor of Science GE requirements can be found here: bs_ge_au15_v3.pdf. Math through the first semester of calculus (Math 1151) is required for a B.S. in neuroscience.

Download a major planning sheet here.

Freshman Year Fall

  • Psych 1100
  • Bio 1113*
  • Psych 3313
  • Chem 1210*
  • College Survey 1100
  • Neuro 1100H

Freshman Year Spring

  • Neuro 3000
  • Math 1150
  • Bio 1114*
  • Chem 1220*

Sophomore Year Fall

  • Neuro 3000
  • Chem 2510*
  • Microbio 4000*
  • Math 1151

Sophomore Year Spring

  • Psych 3513
  • Chem 2520*
  • GE (or Math 1152**)
  • Data Analysis

Sophomore Year Summer

  • GE (to lighten courseload if desired)

Junior Year Fall

  • Physics 1200*
  • Biochem 4511*
  • Physiology 3200 (Many schools require lab component-may need to take this at a different institution)
  • ENGR 1180***
  • GE

Junior Year Spring

  • Neuro 3050
  • Specialization/Breadth
  • GE
  • GE
  • GE (if necessary to graduate on time, otherwise, devote extra time to DAT study)

Junior Year Summer

  • Apply for dentistry school!

Senior Year Fall

  • Specialization/Breadth
  • Specialization/Breadth
  • Specialization/Breadth
  • GE
  • GE

Senior Year Spring

  • Specialization/Breadth
  • Specialization/Breadth
  • Anatomy 2300 or 3300*
  • GE
  • GE

* Denotes pre-dentistry courses

** Many schools do not require a full year of calculus- discuss with your pre-dentistry advisor.

*** ENGR 1180: Spatial Visualization Practice & Development-- 1 credit; highly recommended to prepare for DAT