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Neuroscience Transfer Credit Evaluation

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In order to have your Neuroscience coursework evaluated, you will need to provide the following information:

1. Transfer Credit Report from OSU

  • Login to: http://buckeyelink.osu.edu/
  • Under the Enrollment and Academic History section select Transfer Credit Report
  • Select Run Selected Program
  • Click Submit New Audit
  • Click Open Audit
  • Click Open All Sections
  • Print and/or save file

2. Course syllabus (NOTE: course descriptions are not acceptable replacements for syllabi)

Non-neuroscience courses (e.g. biology, chemistry, psychology, etc.), are evaluated by their respective departments. Please visit the registrar's website for information on how to get these courses evaluated.

For neuroscience courses, you may either submit a hard copy by completing our form or submit digitally by filling out the information below.

Personal Information
For Study Abroad evaluations only
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Upload requirements
Upload requirements
I have attached the complete course syllabus and not just a course description
  1. All courses must be successfully transferred into the University as either General (G000.xx) or Special credit (S000.xx), i.e., not remedial, technical, or deferred credit, before they can be evaluated by the Neuroscience Major Office. In order to have your college coursework transferred into the university, submit an official transcript to the Registrar.
  2. The Ohio State University will evaluate and award credit for all successfully completed college course work at postsecondary institutions holding accreditation from any one of the six regional accrediting associations. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that the institution in which they are planning to attend is regionally accredited. If you have questions concerning the accreditation status of an institution please direct your questions to the University's Office of the Registrar by calling 614-292-0300.
  3. The pre-approval status of evaluated courses is tentative. Pre-approval of a course is based on the syllabus submitted. The actual syllabus for the class taken will need to be submitted when the course has been successfully transferred to The Ohio State University. Directions on how to submit the actual syllabus will be included in the pre-approval confirmation email.
  4. Online courses are evaluated via the same criteria as any other course being transferred into the university. However, special attention is given to the security of the test administration. If you are planning to take online coursework, we strongly suggest that you acquire pre-approval for the course before enrolling.
  5. Should you have any question concerning the transfer credit evaluation process, please call us at (614) 292-8512
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By writing your name above, you hereby declare that all information provided for this course evaluation is accurate and true. You understand that submission of inaccurate or counterfeit materials is cause for academic ramifications which may include referral to the Committee on Academic Misconduct.