Neuro Innovation Scholarship: Max Chou

September 1, 2018
Max Chou

The Neuro Innovation Scholarship is awarded to a select group of students that have enhanced the student experience within our major--Max Chou has been instrumental shaping our culture.  As one of the leaders for the Neuroscience Ambassador Program, Max has transformed what is means to be a student in our program.  Concerned with the academic and psychosocial development of our students, Max has implemented many social, academic, and experiential programming to enhance their development.

Additionally, Max has completely transformed the structure of the Neuroscience Ambassador Program.  Max has helped make the Ambassadors an integral part of the Neuroscience Major and are dedicated to making a unique home for our students. He strives to make a community out of our 1,100+ students, and you will see our Ambassadors running over 30 Neuroscience events (e.g. Reading Day Breaks, STEM Outreach, and Summer Orientations). “Bringing an undergraduate perspective distinct from other programs found at Ohio State and even around the country, we want to be there for all of our students by promoting lasting connections and serving as mentors and friends alike.”—Max Chou