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The Neuroscience Major is a joint venture by the College of Arts and Sciences and the College of Medicine. Faculty from both colleges have created an outstanding curriculum that will allow students to investigate the organization, development and function of the nervous systems and their relationship to behavior, cognition and disorders.

Additionally, the program capitalizes on the expertise and breadth of our renowned faculty group with members form 6 different colleges and numerous departments (Neuroscience, Psychology, Biology, Biochemistry, Molecular Genetics, Evolutionary Biology, Computer Science, Speech and Hearing Science, Biomedical Engineering, and many more). 

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Dr. Kathryn Lenz                                                                                       
Associate Professor, Program Director                                                      

Dr. Katy Lenz

(614) 292-8565

045 Psychology Building
1835 Neil Avenue Mall
Columbus, OH

Dr. Charlie Campbell                                                  Jessica Arrasmith, M.A.                       Natalie Cirincione, M.Ed.
Director: Curriculum & Student Services                Academic Advisor                                Academic Advisor 

Dr. Charlie Campbell