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Paul Martin

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Paul Martin

Professor, Department of Pediatrics


(614) 355-3574

700 Children's Drive
Columbus, OH

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Areas of Expertise

  • Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience
  • Neurotrauma, Neurological Disorders, and Gene Therapy


  • PhD: University of California, Berkeley
  • Postdoctoral Training: Washington University Medical School

Dr. Martin's research is focused on the role of glycoyslation in synapse formation and muscular dystrophy. Dr. Martin discovered the expression of novel cell surface carbohydrate structures at the neuromuscular synapse, and has shown that overexpression of such structures in skeletal muscle can functionally compensate for the loss of proteins in the mouse model of Duchenne muscular dystrophy. The laboratory is currently designing therapeutic strategies, including gene therapy, to alter glycosylation in patients with various forms of muscular dystrophy. Additional work involves defining the function of proteins in forms of congenital muscular dystrophy involving defects in protein glycosylation. Other studies involve understanding the role of particular carbohydrate structures in the development of the brain, and the development of diagnostic and therapeutic reagents for Alzheimer's disease.

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